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Essential Oils

August 18, 20133 min read

“Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs .” - Seth Godin

This mommy hat that I wear didn't come with an instruction manual, so I am definitely learning as I go along. homebirth wasn't on my radar until after baby #2 arrived, and vaccinations are just a part of childhood...right?

You can't change what you don't know!

Karl and I have made a conscious effort to keep on top of our choices, especially those decisions that concern our precious children.

And just in case you missed it... we have four kids running round, one in heaven, and one newbie almost here! There is a lot of potential for sickness, owies, sleepless nights, and hurt feelings!

Not sure if I should credit my thrifty Huss genes or the crunchy influences of my mother, but I definitely lean toward natural remedies for sicknesses, and have an overall wait and see approach to healthcare. From the get-go, I was never one to rush to the pediatrician's office for much of anything except stitches or x-rays.

We've picked up some useful tools along the way--and we found a biggie this year. Though we had caught a glimmer of this how amazing this tool was a while back.

My neighbor Sarah saved me and Karl from catching the stomach ailment that hit all of our kids a couple years ago--it was bad. I remembered that she had supported her family in a similar situation and asked her to share the secret of her success. She came right over with a tiny vial of Oregano Essential Oil, some empty gel capsules, and raw garlic. Then step by step, showed us how to chop up the garlic (she said it would help to boost our immune systems) add a couple drops of the oregano oil, and consume twice each day for a few days. It worked! We never did catch whatever was going around, and I have used that method (and shared it!) with many people since. Later on, when I googled a natural remedy for ear pain, up popped oregano oil again! and sure enough (with the same tiny vial from Sarah) we nipped that too in the bud.

It was this past February, however, that my college friend invited me to attend a class to learn about essential oils. I was really excited to learn more about my Oregano, but also because that same friend had been using essential oils successfully for supporting sleep, calming anxious feelings, and sadness after the untimely death of her little boy. I wanted to know more!

It was at this class that I learned the WHY behind the results that I had experienced, and to my amazement there seemed to be an oil for everything!

I had no idea that my tiny vial of oregano oil was just the tip of the iceberg. I invested in a set of oils that would cover most of the health imbalances my kids and I would encounter. AND I know my husband! He likes to fix and get things done, so if I didn't have a remedy in our bathroom cabinet, he would pick something up from CVS on his way home from work!!

The essential oils were multipurpose, aiding many body systems simultaneously, with virtually no expiry dates, and were tools that I wanted in my mommy toolbelt.

I now have successes and experiences with all the oils that I received in that initial set. They go everywhere we go in a little keychain pouch, and are readily accessible at home for our use and for sharing--just like Sarah did with us!

ANYHOO, long story short, Essential Oils are fabulous and I am so pleased with all the little and big things that we are able to tackle with a little bit of knowledge and a drop or two of oil.

Essential Oils

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